16 Apr

You are required to first register with most of the career centers before you can get to benefit from their services. This mostly involves filling of a registration form. This form provides the office with your necessary information as well as the employers. Therefore you need to take your time when filling it. You might also be required to sign a release form which permits the center to give your resume to employers.  You will also need to provide them with the current copy of your resume. Most of the career centers require that you give them soft copy documents instead of paper resumes. This will make it easy for these digital resumes to be forwarded to the potential employers through email. A hard copy resume is also necessary when giving your resume to a career center. 

To stand out amongst your competition, you need to be original with your resume. While you may be new in job search, professionals at a career center are familiar with it. Smithfield Foods counselors are experts when it comes to working with all kinds of students; therefore, they already have links with interested employers. Career counselors deliberately examine the job market so that they are aware of the best way to help you with your job search. They are always in contact with potential employers so that they can bring them for on-campus interviewing. These career centers are there to help you when looking for your first career position. The career counselor will be looking for the best position for you while the recruiting company will be looking for the best person to take the job. 

The Smithfield Foods Careers counselor is always updated with the new trends in the field of employment, has built strong professional relationships with the employers, and can also personally train you on how to put yourself out there and get connected with employers. The significant advantage with career centers is that you are provided with a chance of creating a good relationship with your career counselor. And this is the only person that will consider your searching for a job a priority to apart from you. Hiring a career counselor out of a career center is very expensive. Therefore you need to take advantage of this opportunity and build an excellent professional and also a personal relationship with your career counselor. As you continue with the job search process, you need to have the courtesy of informing your career counselor in case of second interviews or even offers. This is because they can advise you on salary offers.

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